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Neworld vision Spotlight on the Firms
FL: Neworld vision is a part of a larger group that includes traditional graphic design and branding divisions. How does having these other divisions affect the solutions you can offer your clients? Are there disadvantages?
NV: Neworld vision grew out of the web & multimedia work being produced by the Neworld Group in the mid 1990's. There are obvious advantages to being part of a design group such as having a larger creative pool to share ideas with and working with clients who require a full-service approach. One distinct advantage of this environment is being involved in the processes at work behind branding a service or a product.

This means that we often have the opportunity to develop brands as well as working on projects from inception and strategic planning stage to the final integrated solution.
Neworld vision Offices
FL: What is the origin of the Neworld name? Is there a true vision behind the choice of Neworld vision for the interactive division?
NV: One of our founding partners is from the US and his origin was the inspiration for the Neworld name. When we were choosing a name for the new media division of the group we purposely looked for a word that both summed up the visual on-screen nature of the work we do, and the genuine vision we have for the kind of work we want to undertake as well as encompassing the vision we contribute to our clients' projects. Clients become our partners and they trust us to advise them on the strategies that best serve their needs.
FL: From the work showcased on your site, I notice that motion graphics (both video and flash elements) seem to be a core offering of your firm. How important do you think motion graphics are to the overall interactive solution?
NV: Motion graphics are an integral part of our service but we only produce them when they serve a client's particular needs, whether that be for a non interactive trade show video wall, a flash based screensaver or a fully interactive CD Rom. Motion graphics are an important tool we can use to communicate a client's message and represent the brand in a way that's not possible with static text and graphics.
Neworld vision Offices
FL: Neworld has done work for various types of clients, from film ventures to hospitality & tourism projects. Is there a core set of elements which run through all projects that neworld takes on? Do you see specialization in terms of either clients or services as a promising direction in the years ahead?
NV: We get our kicks from developing websites and multimedia that actually make a difference for our clients. Whether it is an interactive CD-Rom, a multimedia presentation, a website the client can update themselves, or a site audit that highlights opportunities for potential promotion and business, our own core values and processes are followed at all times. On every project we strive to combine design with technical functionality to produce integrated solutions that answer our clients' needs.

In regards to specialisation, it's not something we consciously think about or plan for, but there are elements of our offerings that clients are asking for more and more such as content managed websites or sites that offer functionality they can offer their own clients.
FL: Ireland felt the boom more than many other countries & regions. Technology money and talent seemed to flock there in great numbers. How is the business environment now? Is it still a good place for someone looking for work in the new media field?
NV: Many web companies in Ireland have either been bought out, closed down or scaled down. There's no denying the benefits to being part of a larger design group.

Lots of designers who were employed and either left their companies or were made redundant have gone down the self-employed route, and I think they're feeling the pinch now. There's a lot to be said for taking that brave step, but I think clients feel 'safer' working with an established design group with a track record.
Neworld vision Offices
FL: From my own experiences working in the London offices of a former employer, I know that the pub can be an essential part of the business world/process. How important is the pub to your business, both as perhaps a place for the team to exchange ideas as well as a place for the team to let down the hair and bond?
NV: Was this a question spawned by the fact that we're an Irish company?!? ;o) . Well, stereotypical or not, the pub is the place for winding down on a Friday night for quite a few of us. I'm not sure about exchanging creative ideas, because remembering them is always a problem on the following Monday!
FL: Taking a look at the Quicktime VR panorama on your website, it looks like you have an open office space. Does this lead to spontaneous Nerf battles or paper ball fights? Can you hear yourself think?
NV: The building we're in was an old printing press, gutted and rebuilt specifically for the Neworld Group. So there's a nice feel to the place. The biggest gripe some have with an open plan office is having to listen to other people's taste in music! Monday mornings can be hell when having to listen to early Metallica, although we all have the opportunity to provide our own selections as revenge! We all pitch in to listen out for the phones or couriers, and when someone has a complaint it's usually heard by everyone!
Neworld vision Offices
FL: If the island nation of Ireland were to be cut off from the internet tomorrow, what would the people of neworld vision likely to set out as their new vision (ie: what would you all be doing)?
NV: We'd probably be using the building as a late night venue for running gigs and multimedia events, continuing to use our skills to produce graphics and moving images.

During the day the venue would be a meeting place for coffee and conversation (which is actually not very far from what it is at the moment.)
(spotlight first ran September 2004)

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