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FL: You make your site available in Spanish as well, how important has this been in meeting the needs of existing clients as well as attracting new clients?
BF: Well as you're now aware, people who speak Spanish are the fastest growing minority in America, according to statistics. Not to mention that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. What businessperson wouldn't want to appeal to that large segment of the population? This additional feature on our website has been very important in meeting the needs of both our existing Spanish-speaking clients as well as new Spanish-speaking clients who may simply wish to know more about our company and what we offer. In addition, we have a few sales people based out of Mexico that depend on that feature to help them with their sales.
FL: It appears you work with a distributed group of professionals located all around the world. How has this model worked for BluntFactor and what does it allow your firm to offer clients that other firms can't.
BF: Networking with different individuals and organizations throughout the world helps BluntFactor in a few ways. First and foremost, if there's anyone who requires our services in these areas of the world where we have "members of the team" we're normally the first one to acquire the project. Secondly, this has separated us from much of our competition by being able to offer what they cannot. Whenever a client wishes to partake in a marketing campaign they either wish to market regionally, nationwide, or worldwide. A lot of marketing firms only have "foot soldiers" in the streets regionally. With this in mind if you were a client wouldn't you want to go with a marketing firm with actual "foot soldiers" in the streets of all of the markets you're trying to reach as opposed to simply the regional ones?
BluntFactor - Danny Glix
FL: Your list of services is quite extensive, much more so than most web design firms. How did you come to offer such services as radio advertising in addition to web design? Has this wider range of services helped you to offer better solutions to clients?
BF: My partner Mr. Danny Glix is a world class web designer. He used to own and operate a web design company by the name of Digitzero. One of the companies I'm associated with, NJFriendware - a full-service computer company - hired Digitzero to design a website. When Danny and I met we clicked from the beginning and decided to go into business together, being that we share the same goals. Once we formed BluntFactor we combined all of our services as well as the services a few of our friends were offering. By offering this wider range of services, it has allowed BluntFactor to become a one-stop shop for all of our clients needs. Anything our clients require, from the design of their website, hosting, maintenance, as well as marketing and a few other related services, we can handle in house.
FL: Why does BluntFactor do so much work for clients that certainly have little or no budget? Do these types of clients offer you greater creative freedoms & challenges?
BF: BluntFactor strives to work with everyone and not turn any customers away. Normally, what we do with clients who have little to no budget is sit down with them and try to figure out what direction they wish to head in. After we figure this out, we ask them how much of a budget do they have. After we determine their financial situation we can design our services around their budget. If the client has no budget at that time, but we feel as though they have a good idea to offer, we may take on the project for a percentage of the company. Why do we go out of our way like this? America was built by small companies - Microsoft, Dell, and IBM were once small companies.
BluntFactor - Sal Austin
FL: What's the one thing about your firm that inevitably surprises clients you work with?
BF: I would have to say the amount of business knowledge/experience we have gained at our relatively young ages. In addition, it would have to be all of the valued services we're able to offer our customers at discounted rates. Some people seem to be under the false impression that quality, proven services can't be obtained without spending an arm and a leg.
FL: Looking at your client list, you have done work across a lot of different industries and markets. Does BluntFactor have a particular niche or specialization? Going forward do you think this will change?
BF: Bluntfactor has a simple saying that best describes us: We offer our services to anyone who requires them. That basically sums up our niche and specialization. We strive to follow the keep it simple rule and stay away from the fancy stuff. Going forward in the future as long as we're involved in business this will be our motto.

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