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FL: First off, I am intrigued by the name. How did AlterCube come about and what is its important in the overall branding/identity of your firm?
AC: AlterCube was a project I started back in 1996 which was known as Spacex Designs. It was just a side business for web design and graphic design. Then as the business grew I decided to add more services. In January of this year I decided to change the name to something that sounded more professional and which acknowledged our growth. In March of 2002 Spacex Designs became known as AlterCube. I came up with the name is because we are not just your ordinary web development firm, we provide computer services in addition to our web services. So after coming up with many possible names, I thought AlterCube was a good fit. We have altered the cube of a web development firm.
FL: How is the market in North Carolina for web design/development services? Are there particular industries or business types that are more common in the area? How has being based in North Carolina shaped the growth of AlterCube?
AC: North Carolina is a great market within the computer industry. There are a lot of small businesses and Fortune 500 companies who need Internet and computer services. In this area, there are more textile and manufacturing companies than there are internet/computer firms. Being based in North Carolina has been great since there are not a lot of other firms like ours to compete with.
FL: AlterCube offers a wide-range of services with print design, hosting, internet connectivity among others, how vital is this array of other services in your overall business? Do you find that clients are looking to find a wide-range of services under one roof?
AC: Most people who come to us have different businesses managing each service they need. Its refreshing to most of our clients to know that we offer all the services they need so they do not have to go out and look for another company. They come to us and that's it.
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FL: On your site, you mention being "assiduous about user-centered design" to which I have to admit, I had to look up "assiduous" in the dictionary. Why do you feel it's so important to be persistent & diligent when it comes to user-centered design?
AC: Our first and foremost goal is to always build a site with the user in mind. With each site we build, we start with the client and target audience in mind. We want both to be able to navigate the site with ease and feel comfortable with the site. Our clients are always happy to hear positive feedback from their users and customers.
FL: Has AlterCube focused on a particular business segment or client type? Do you see specialization as becoming more or less important in the web business in the coming years?
AC: We have not focused on a particular business segment or client type. We offer our services to all businesses and not just one type.
FL: Your firm has taken advantage of many of the features/tools of The Firm List, including the press releases section. While I rarely discuss this site in these Spotlights, I wonder how you see The Firm List as part of your overall marketing efforts and the overall value of any one website for promoting a web firm.
AC: I personally have found great interest in using The Firm list services because these services, including the press releases, have helped our business out greatly. It's a great value for us to know about The Firm List because of the services that they provide.
FL: With the tumultuous few years we've seen in the web design business, have you ever thought about going in a different direction and abandoning web design?
AC: No, since we offer other services already, I do not think we would limit our business and drop web development all together. I think there will always be a need for it as long as people continue to put their business and personal interests online.
(spotlight first ran May 2002)

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